Products ESD approved according to IEC 61340-5-1

Products used for protection against ESD on this list fulfil requirements of electrostatic protective properties according to the following companies:
ABB, Emerson Energy Systems, Ericsson, Nokia, Solectron, Stoneridge

ESD-approval DNo: 230-16-0019
Holder of the approval
ESD-Center AB, Limhamn, Sweden
Date of issue
Approval valid until
Electrical safety
The ESD-approval does not include any requirements regarding electrical safety properties. If work will be performed close to live voltages, requirements according to national regulations shall be obeyed.
SP Test Report
SP-Method 2472
ESD approved products shall be marked with manufacturers / suppliers name, type, designation and ESD-symbol.
Other information

Manufacturer / supplier Type designation Product description
ESD-Center AB 3310.HS.XXXX Shielding bags
ESD-Center AB 3320.WV.XXXX Shielding bags
ESD-Center AB 3000.DR.XXXX Dry-shield bags
ESD-Center AB 3710.DR.XXXX Dry-shield bags
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ESD Protection

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