Products ESD approved according to IEC 61340-5-1

Products used for protection against ESD on this list fulfil requirements of electrostatic protective properties according to the following companies:
ABB, Emerson Energy Systems, Ericsson, Nokia, Solectron, Stoneridge

ESD-approval DNo: 230-16-0008
Holder of the approval
TROPACK PACKMITTEL GMBH, Lahnau-Waldgirmes, Germany
Date of issue
Approval valid until
SP Test Report
SP-Method 2472
ESD approved products shall be marked with manufacturers / suppliers name, type, designation and ESD-symbol.
Other information

Manufacturer / supplier Type designation Product description
TROPACK PACKMITTEL GMBH Desiccant bag 1/6 units
Desiccant bag 1/3 units
Desiccant bag ½ unit
Desiccant bag 1 unit
Desiccant bag 2 units
Desiccant bag 4 units
Desiccant bag 8 units
Desiccant bag 16 units
Desiccant bag 32 unit
Desiccant bags
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